H2W Technologies launches BLSM-1F brushless linear motor

 H2W Technologies launches BLSM-1F brushless linear motor


  H2W Technologies introduces the brushless BLSM-1F linear motor

21. November 2018 - H2W engineers have developed a brushless linear motor (BLSM-1F) that can produce 300 lbs [1330 N] at a duty cycle of 10% and 100 lbs [444 N] with a duty cycle of 100% and using an appropriate magnetic track (BLST FSX). The mass of the coil assembly is 19 lbs [9 Kg]giving a force to mass ratio of 15: 8.

The motor can be powered by either a trapezoidal or three-phase digital three-phase brushless amplifier. The brushless linear motor coil measures 6.53 in x 7.50 in x 1.50 in [170 mm x 190 mm x 38 mm]. This brushless linear motor is designed for applications requiring a large speed range and relatively high power. This motor is encapsulated with a 350 ° F heat-conductive potting compound [176°C] that protects the components and protects them from dust and moisture.

Three-phase brushless linear motors, also known as AC linear servomotors, are direct drive motors that are ideal for long-stroke, closed-loop servo, and linear motion applications. They can be used at speeds up to 240 in / sec [6 m/sec]. They are capable of controlling position, velocity and acceleration when coupled with a position feedback linear encoder. The laminated three-phase wound coil assembly is used in conjunction with a linear magnetic track to produce a controlled linear force. A customer-supplied storage system is required to maintain air gap .060 in [1.5 mm] between the coil assembly and the magnetic track. There is a relatively large attraction between the motor coil and the magnet assembly. The magnetic track is made of rare earth neodymium magnets and the required total length is equal to the coil assembly length plus the stroke length.

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