HANNOVER MESSE USA 2018 presents Fluid Industry at Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives USA

  HANNOVER MESSE USA 2018 shows fluid technology at the Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives USA

26. July 2018 – The Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives USA (IAMD USA) exhibition at HANNOVER MESSE USA 2018 shows how the fluid power industry has evolved and integrated digital capabilities into hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems. The IAMD event, which was presented at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 in Hanover, supports the latest developments in the fluid power industry by introducing digitally networked fluid power products to international distributors and system integrators. IAMD USA, in partnership with IMTS 2018, will introduce these new industrial hydraulic and pneumatic products to North American manufacturers and equipment suppliers, which attend the Chicago show in September. IAMD USA will offer a variety of connected linear motion and transmission technologies; Hydraulic pumps, motors, drive units and actuators; hydraulic assemblies and systems; hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and valves; Control and regulation systems; Sensors and Monitoring Devices at the Exhibition Center

During the IAMD USA 2018, the ARGO-HYTOS Group will present their oil condition technology for predictive maintenance. The company's affiliated particulate matter detectors, counters, and oil condition monitors identify problems and reduce factory downtime. In addition, the company's digitized sensors can detect changes, wear and damage.

ARGO-HYTOS will introduce the EXAPOR MAX 2 hydraulic filter technology to the IAMD USA for the wind power industry and present its OBE (On-Board Electronics) proportionally. Valve technology for correcting valve nonlinear behavior.

Bansbach Easylift will present its easyE line of electric linear actuators. The linear arrangement of the motor, gearbox and spindle in the easyE line enables a slim design for the installation. These actuators are suitable for applications with external diameters of 35, 50 and 60 mm. Synchronized adjustment and battery powered mobility are also options. One application of the easyE actuator in the automotive industry is the special handbrake function in handicap-friendly cars. The actuator can withstand specific temperatures and is connected to an AMP switch.

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HYDAC Technology Corporation plans to launch products at the IAMD USA 2018, including its EDS 820 electronic pressure switch with IO-Link communication interface. The EDS 820 is an electronic pressure switch for relative pressure measurement in the high pressure range. The device has two PNP transistor switching outputs, one of which can serve as IO communication output. The IO-Link interface enables bidirectional communication between the device and the controller and provides parameterization and cyclic transmission of process and service data.

HYDAC Technology also presents HYDACLab HLB1400 for oil aging / oil condition, Aqua Sensor-AS 1000 for humidity temperature in oil, HPT 500 for differential pressure transmitter and ETS 3200 compact electronic temperature switch with 4-digit display, which has an integrated 18 mm temperature sensor and direct can be screwed in series or in a hydraulic block. The ETS 3200 offers various output models with one or two switching outputs, optionally with an additional analog output signal for a variety of applications.


HANNOVER MESSE, THE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY SHOW Seventy years ago in Hannover and at HANNOVER MESSE USA, innovations are shown in the factory of the future: Cobots, industrial energy systems, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 and related applications such as predictive maintenance, efficient use of raw materials, faster time to market and other trends in industrial manufacturing.

 HANNOVER MESSE USA 2018 presents Fluid Industry at Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives USA

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