HEIDENHAIN announces sponsorship of the University of Michigan's Hyperloop team

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  HEIDENHAIN Announces Sponsorship of University of Michigan's Hyperloop Team

20. June 2018 – HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION announced support for the University of Michigan's Hyperloop team with sponsorship and donation of motion control feedback to the high-speed pod. The Michigan Hyperloop team is one of the 20 to push forward into the next phase of the competition, based on Elon Musk's vision for future ground transportation.

His goal is to drive along the "Hypertube", a kilometer-long sub-vacuum tube in SpaceX's campus in Hawthorne, California, where Musk's vision is being researched and designed. In 2013's Musk's floor transport paper, passenger and freight shafts move between cities in a network of low-pressure pipes at supersonic speeds, while self-propelled electric cars transport goods from Hyperloop stations to their final destinations across the country.

At The Hyperloop competition at SpaceX this July will be its third phase called "Competition III". In order to win, the pod has to accelerate faster than all of its competitors before it completely brakes on the short distance the track provides.

To support this effort, HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION in North America provided funds to the Michigan team at the Wolverine level, and donated four compact ERO encoders designed for high accuracy and reliability in servo drives.

The Michigan Hyperloop team credits their success as a true collaboration with a team that has grown to over fifty dedicated members. Team Media Director Emanuel Papageorgiou (BFA & # 19; 19) adds: "It's great to see how many newcomers are on our team this year, to see how many fresh faces are doing the job, tasks and parts ahead of the team Completing the deadline, even if it was not assigned to them, was really refreshing and provides valuable practical experience for our members. "

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