HEIDENHAIN introduces the absolutely closed angle encoders of the RCN 6000 series

 HEIDENHAIN introduces the absolutely closed angle encoders of the RCN 6000 series


  HEIDENHAIN Introduces RCN 6000 Series of Absolute Closed Angle Meters

9. November 2018 - HEIDENHAIN introduced an angle encoder that can be used as an alternative to modular encoders for motion control machining applications. These fully sealed angle encoders with integral bearings have a large hollow shaft diameter of 180 mm (7.09 inches).

Common applications for the RCN 6000 encoders are large rotary tables and radio telescopes, which can adapt design to the encoder, while the integrated stator coupling ensures the alignment of the components involved in the scanning process, even in case of deviations in the shaft coupling.

The RCN 6000 series encoders use HEIDENHAIN's METALLUR process (which directly applies scaling) of the bearing ring) and a method of sensing the reflected light, which offers dimensions and greater installation tolerances compared to other products of this type results.

The RCN 6000 Encoder has a 180mm through hole, a total height of 44mm, a system accuracy of ± 2 ", can handle speeds up to 200rpm and is compatible with EnDat22, Fanuc05 and Mit03-4 IP 64 protection.

2018-11-09 21:49:09
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