HEIDENHAIN presents ND 5023 digital display (DRO)

  HEIDENHAIN Introduces Digital Display ND 5023 (DRO)

10. May 2018 – HEIDENHAIN has introduced the digital display ND 5023 (DRO) for use with hand-held machine tools. This DRO replaces HEIDENHAIN's entry-level ND 522/523 and combines it into a three-axle model. The DRO is equipped with a TFT color display, which improves the readability of information about older models and offers further design changes and advanced features.

An installation guide has been implemented to support the basic configuration. When the device is switched on for the first time, the user can select this support function and is guided through the required settings step by step.

The ND 5023 introduces many features, including a zoom feature designed to improve the readability of position values. After activation, the display value for the axis being moved is increased. For small numbers (ie numbers close to zero), the character height can be increased from 17 mm (standard height) to 25 mm. The operator can see immediately which axis is moving and can read the numerical value from a distance. When the axis stops moving, the display returns to its default size. The display is also designed for right-handed or left-handed operation.

The ND 5023 DRO also has a powder-coated die-cast aluminum housing and, like its predecessor, uses a membrane keyboard. As before, encoders with TTL interface (differential and single-ended) can be connected via a 9-pin D-Sub connector.

The data interface of the ND 5023 has been upgraded to USB Type C, which has the advantage of allowing the digital display to take over the tasks of master and slave

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In addition, a universal mounting option has been implemented for this new DRO. It has a VESA-MIS 100 interface on the back, which allows the use of standardized mounting brackets. HEIDENHAIN solutions are available.

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