High performance chain provides increased strength and reliability

To ensure greater strength and longevity, the range of technical wear parts and components for the distribution of Tsubaki's high-performance product chains now includes the rugged Workhorse elevator series.

Designed to withstand the abrasive and demanding forces of aggregate lifts, the Workhorse elevator series is well suited for use in aggressive bulk solids environments with hard fine particles such as cement, lime, gypsum, coal, fertilizer, grain and sugar. Carlo Beukes .

"This is because the high-strength steels, advanced manufacturing processes, and refined heat treatments ensure maximum fatigue strength and protection against failure – even when the chains are used in heavy duty applications."

The Workhorse 5800 and 5900 series, with average tensile strengths (ATS) between 65,909 kg and 129,545 kg, can be retrofitted with a variety of coated pins, bushings and joint seals – individually or in combination – ensuring reliability and increased wear resistance in certain applications.

Workhorse Chain Features

An important feature of this series is that the extended bushing seal seals prevent abrasive materials from penetrating into and impacting the chain links, which affects mechanical wear.

He explains that the chain bushings are extended beyond the inner side rails to minimize the distance between the outsides bars and the sockets. This in turn creates a solid barrier that prevents abrasive material from entering the pin / socket connection.

The mechanical seal, made of a high temperature polymer, surrounds the extended bushing and provides additional barrier particle resistance to protect the joint and thus minimize contamination.

A patented stainless steel inner ring seal tightly holds on the pin and rotates within a groove in the socket to create a labyrinth that prevents dirt from entering the pin / socket area. This is because the abrasive particles are abrasive and can negatively affect the performance and life of the chain.

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Debris often pack joints, attack bearing surfaces and in turn accelerate wear, Beukes notes.

He says that maintenance is reduced Another important feature of the BS-HS series: "The special heat-resistant grease is packaged as standard in the unit and requires minimal maintenance of the lubricant as this facilitates maintenance and operating costs significantly lowers. "

Additional Offer

The Tsubaki standard backstops designed for safety in normal low-speed conveyor systems provide a cost-effective way to protect capital goods, including inclined conveyors and bucket elevators.

"These anti-reverse clutches prevent the top plate of a pitch conveyor from acting as critical safety equipment and preventing machine damage and expensive equipment."

Old grease can be rinsed and changed while the unit is in service – it is not Beukes notes the need to remove the backstop from the shaft

For long overland conveyors, he explains that Tsubaki's BS-HS anti-reverse camshaft clutch series has many critical features that are not found in conventional models. This area, he notes, has an improved camshaft cage and bearing design that offers much higher torque and speed capacity than other cam clutches.

Other benefits include the use of a smaller coupling that allows for cost savings, and high-quality heat-treated alloy steel coupling components that provide wear resistance and longer life.

These anti-reverse camshaft clutches also have an anti-slip clutch. Roll-over cam design, which ensures durability against strong shock during retention. The dustproof construction of this series, with the combination of a double lip seal and a dust cover, keeps grease and dust away.

The full range of Tsubaki Camshaft Clutches is available from BMG in a variety of capacities and designs, offering the best features for three basic modes of operation – overrunning, indexing and retention.

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The complete range of Tsubaki power transmission components is available through BMG's national branch network, which provides a technical advisory and 24-hour backup service. [19659021]

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