Hilscher announces netX 90 dual-processor chip

  Hilscher announces netX 90 dual-processor chip

30. July 2018 – Hilscher announces netX 90, an extension of its netX family of single-chip network controller ASICs. The netX 90 is the latest connectivity chip for slave devices. The chip addresses the fact that much of today's slave devices need to be replaced and / or updated to adequately address cyber risk threats to cloud-based and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

netX 90 is a dual-processor chip with all network connectivity for Hilscher products, including firmware updates of protocols. It is split into two halves: RTE and fieldbus protocols are supported on the network-facing side, while device-specific protocols (I / O, EnDat, Biss, and many other peripherals) are supported on the side of the applications (slave facing). In between, there are some similarities, such as on-chip diagnostics.

netX 90 comes with a complete ecosystem of development boards, accessories and software. JTAG developer kits are available and there is a SoC solution called netRAPID 90 with netX 90 on a small board for direct embedding on a motherboard.

 Hilscher announces netX 90 dual-processor chip

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