HMS Industrial Networks announces the release of the 4G LTE version of the eWON Cozy Remote Access Gateway

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  HMS Industrial Networks Announces Release of 4G LTE Version of eWON Cozy Remote Access Gateway

25. May 2018 – HMS Industrial Networks announces the launch of 4G LTE (Europe, North America) for its eWON Cozy remote access gateway. This allows users to remotely access, troubleshoot, program, monitor and control machinery.

Using an eWON Cozy with a 4G cellular connection allows users to access their machines in remote locations where Ethernet is not available.

The Cozy 4G router can connect to the LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks and provides an automatic fallback to reduce cellular connections. If the 4G network becomes unstable, congested, or unavailable, the connection will automatically switch to 3G (HSPA / WCDMA).

For remote access, a SIM card with a data plan is sufficient to connect to the Talk2M cloud. based solution and access an industrial control system.

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