Honeywell offers process technologies for Thai aromatic plants

  Honeywell supplies process technologies for Thai aromatic plants

24. May 2018 – Honeywell announced that IRPC PLC will use a range of Honeywell UOP process technologies for a new aromatics complex in Rayong Province, Thailand.

As part of the project, Honeywell will provide UOP licenses, design, key equipment, catalysts and adsorbents. When completed in 2022, the complex will produce 1.2 million tonnes of paraxylene per year for the production of synthetic resins, films and fibers. It will also increase its fuel capacity from 114,000 to 495,000 tonnes per year. Benzene is a fuel additive and ingredient in plastics, lubricants, gums, dyes and detergents.

The project includes a Honeywell UOP CCR ​​platform unit that converts naphtha into gasoline and high octane aromatics, as well as an LD Parex unit recovers high purity paraxylene from mixed xylenes and uses a light desorbent. The complex will also include Honeywell UOP Sulfolane technology to extract aromatics from the feed; Isomar technology to convert xylene isomers to more valuable paraxylene; and the Tatoray technology, which converts toluene and C9 aromatics into mixed xylenes and high purity benzene, more than doubling the yield of paraxylene from the naphtha feedstock.

About Honeywell

Honeywell UOP is a licensor of process technology for the production of aromatics. Since last year, UOP has licensed more than 100 complexes and more than 700 individual process units for the production of aromatics, including more than 300 CCR Platforming Process Units and 159 Sulfolane Units, 81 Isomar Units, 59 Tatoray Units and 101 Parex Units worldwide .

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