Honeywell releases the software solution ICS Shield

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  Honeywell releases ICS Shield software solution

5. June 2018 – Honeywell announces a cyber security software solution for industrial customers managing multiple process control networks, sites and vendors.

The multi-site cyber security management solution is based on Honeywell's ICS Shield, a top-down enterprise-grade technology (OT) security solution for securing Connected Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments physical sites and multiple automation devices. In addition, it enables the secure management of remote field resources through a single security center. Honeywell integrated ICS Shield technology following the acquisition of Nextnine in 2017.

For businesses facing internal cybersecurity capabilities and resource shortages, Honeywell Managed Security Services can assist in the installation, configuration, and ongoing management of ICS Shield. These services are designed to enhance the ability of industrial enterprises to close major security holes and ensure that security experts carefully align production and production priorities with security requirements.

About Honeywell

Honeywell is a provider of cybersecurity solutions that protect industrial equipment, operations, and people from the threats of the digital age.

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