HUG 2018 – Summary of the Honeywell Users Group in America: Heavy Focus on Batch and Cyber ​​Security

  HUG 2018 - Summary of the Honeywell Users Group in America: Heavy Focus on Batch and Cyber ​​Security

By Bill Lydon, Editor,

With numerous displays of the latest technologies, along with dozens of Honeywell The Honeywell Users Group Americas (HUG) raved in June in San Antonio with more than 1,300 participants. Honeywell's strategic priority to become the "leading software industry company" was around 205 CAGRs for software sales, as reported by Chairman and CEO Darius Adamczyk at the May 22 conference.

The event kicked off with John Rudolph, President of Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), highlighting digitization in his opening speech: "Digital transformation must be more than just moving data to the cloud The results, including the increase Productivity and savings for our customers enable them to gather knowledge, share knowledge and retain knowledge among their employees. "

Rudolph, appointed president of HPS on May 31, 2018 (successor to Vimal Kapur), who has been appointed President and CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies, led the Projects and Automation Solutions and Lifecycle Solutions and Services businesses for HPS over the past six years. Rudolph also holds executive positions at TAS Energy, General Electric and Ingersoll Rand. Speaking to John Rudolph, it became clear that his visions were influenced by a large number of practical experiences.

John Rudolph, President of Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), Focusing Digitization in His Opening Speech

Honeywell's Batch Offer

The event was also the new Honywell's batch solution, based on the ControlEdge Unit Operations Controller and the Experion Batch software, highlighted that seems to be the answer to SPS-based solutions

The Experion Batch software uses the patent pending visualization technology to provide the Give operators insights into upcoming events or possible delays. It also makes operations less critical depending on the individual experience of the operator. Experion Batch is designed for industries such as pharmacy, specialty chemicals and food processing. Configured with the ControlEdge Unit Operations Controller, which includes a batch runtime engine, this approach removes a central dedicated batch server.

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The ControlEdge Unified Operation Controller (UOC) contains an IEC61131-3 controller and a C300 module. The device offers a variety of I / O options for flexibility. Universal I / O provides remote configuration and design flexibility for project implementation. Universal I / O makes it possible to make the entire housing a standard part. I / O channels are quickly configurable so that modules can serve as both analog or digital input and output. Engineers can make changes to later configurations remotely with a software configuration change. The UOC supports OPC UA and provides an IIoT-enabled open platform that allows users to access data. It also adds a compliant integrated configuration tool to design, configure, program, and maintain PLC investments.

ControlEdge Unit Operations Controller (UOC)

The Push for Cybersecurity

19659009] Also unveiled was Honeywell's ICS Shield software solution for industrial security with managed security services. These products are designed to help affiliate sites protect against evolving cyber threats. The multi-site cybersecurity management solution is based on Honeywell's ICS Shield, which provides a top-down operational technology management (OT) solution for securing multi-site, multi-automation ICS environments. In addition, it enables the secure management of remote field resources through a single security center. Honeywell integrated and expanded its ICS shield technology following the acquisition of Nextnine in 2017, and the solution has become a widely used ICS cybersecurity platform with more than 1 million managed global industrial nodes. Jeff Zindel, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity, described the growth as follows: "There is a real need for multi-site cyber security technologies for ICS environments with industrial companies joining forces worldwide to increase their efficiency," he said he continued Honeywell's 50 year track record helped them to build confidence in working with many companies. To further strengthen cybersecurity, Honeywell recently opened the second Asia-based Cyber ​​Security Competence Center (CoE) in Asia, headquartered in Singapore, after the first Cyber ​​Security Competence Center (COE) at its headquarters in Dubai. 19659004]

Bill's Thoughts and Observations

To The Batch Offer

Since the recent drop in oil prices, DCS companies have been working to diversify their business into other process control areas, such as pharmacy, specialty chemicals and food processing. Honeywell Process obviously spent a lot of time using the Experion Batch software with the ControlEdge Unit Operations Controller to focus on these industries. However, system integrators have played a strong role in these industries, and working with these independent organizations has not been an obvious strength of Honeywell. It will be interesting to see how that affects you.

On the Control Edge Unit Operations Controller (UOC)

I believe that the ControlEdge Unit Operations Controller (UOC) product is a validation through Honeywell Process, a PLC-like solution has proven successful in process applications and accepted by users. Honeywell Process has been developing a PLC / PAC strategy for some time, which we first introduced in this 2008 interview article with industry veteran Jamie Bohan, senior segment marketing manager at Honeywell Process Solutions. In this interview we discussed the differences between PLC and DCS and it is likely that some of these issues were part of the development of the ControlEdge ™ Unit Operations Controller (UOC).

The forerunner of this latest offering was MasterLogic PLCs, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) programmed with standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages. Reference: Return on Imagination – Honeywell User Group (HUG) 2009

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 HUG 2018 - Summary of the Honeywell Users Group in America: Heavy Focus on Batch and Cyber ​​Security

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