IIoT: The driver for industrial automation and competitive advantage

 IIoT: The driver for industrial automation and competitive advantage


  IIoT: The Driver for Industrial Automation and Competitive Advantage

By John Fryer, Senior Director, Industry Solution, Stratus Technologies

It is no secret that companies using emerging technologies have a competitive advantage over those who do do not do this. From Henry Ford's acceptance of the automated assembly line to the final death of Blockbuster Video through resistance to change, we see examples across all industries. The reluctance of companies to keep pace with changing business models will ultimately affect their profits. And there is no better example than today's advances, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, which bring intelligent machines that enable seamless and intuitive communication.

In fact, today's technology advances the industry in the context of a transitional period, especially as the number of these IIoT devices continues to increase. Manufacturers taking the leap into this new technology will be the industry's next success stories.

Automating Workforce Challenges

It is important to understand that implementing automated processes does not mean replacing your valued employees. Rather, it's about finding ways to master the challenges of the workforce, and finding new ways to make your employees work more efficiently. It is also important to give these workers more time to be productive in other tasks that require personal contact. Tasks that used to focus on manually collecting and analyzing data can now be automated to analyze data in real time. For example, wireless monitoring and analysis technologies can be integrated to automatically collect data and perform a predictive maintenance analysis to anticipate potential issues. In the long run, this reduces traditional maintenance times and costs while doing the same tasks faster and more efficiently.

In addition, IIoT and automation can greatly enhance the onboarding process, allowing new employees to be brought up to date in a new environment a few weeks, as opposed to a few months or even years. Organizations that invest heavily in automated data collection / monitoring and analysis technologies give these new employees the ability to leverage a broad range of capabilities and increase productivity.

Implementing IIoT to Accelerate Automation

How can your company actually undertake the implementation of IIoT technology across the enterprise to improve automation and gain a competitive advantage? Their processes are not alone - almost every company faces the same challenges in identifying this process. To simplify the transition to digitization, you must embrace the trends of the future rather than turning away from them. It is important to truly modernize your digital infrastructure to take advantage of the true benefits of IIoT and automation. This means taking a look at potential weak points in the legacy infrastructure and working with operational technologies (OTs) and IT teams to quickly and easily update digital environments

With advances in automated technologies such as predictive analytics and monitoring There will be even more opportunities for systems to tackle and adapt to challenges (such as industrial workers). Those companies that make the leap toward implementing these technologies and using new advanced analytics capabilities are the best place to succeed and grow quickly.

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