Increasing efficiency in SA companies

 Increasing efficiency in SA companies 

Energy Solutions Intelligence has developed a supply management platform that enables real-time display of a company's energy-related data. The management tool, called GLO, is a web and mobile-based utility management software developed for, among other things, real-time measurement and data acquisition to optimize asset performance and ensure energy compliance.

South African companies attach more importance to "Energy Partners Intelligence" (Energy9004) Mila Vicquery .

Many of the country's big companies use robust energy-saving strategies B. Energy Efficiency Measures and Renewable Energy Generation.

"More and more businesses are looking for ways to monitor their energy use more extensively to make this information more accessible to the public."

She adds that companies are benefiting from showing how well their energy efficiency initiatives are working.

"Our clients have made significant progress worth introducing to investors and stakeholders. "One of our healthcare customers has managed to reduce energy costs by 20 million rupees, and another in food retailing has accumulated energy savings of about eight billion billion."

Companies that can demonstrate their efforts to reduce operating costs and Higher profit margins make investors more attractive to potential partnerships.

While many energy consultants and service providers can monitor energy usage at their locations, there are some challenges associated with this data.

"Browsing through the vast amounts of data while monitoring the energy consumption of an organization and revising the information in a format that provides customers with a comprehensive overview takes time. "The industry standard, therefore, provides for monthly or quarterly reporting to customers that accurately addresses their sustainability, environmental, and supply management needs."

It is much harder to develop a platform that provides all the relevant information in the world A database summarizes and presents reader-friendly format in real time, but more customers are asking about this functionality, she adds.

Any organization monitoring energy use and production can report their energy savings to show the public how well their energy-saving strategies work.

"In an era of constant Eskom developments, supply management is very important. A well-structured program will deliver impressive results and potentially achieve half of the energy costs of customers by implementing energy-saving measures and interventions, as well as by organizations showing their successes in this regard, "concludes Vicquery.

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