Integration Objects released OPC UA Client Toolkit

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  Integration Objects Releases OPC UA Client Toolkit

22. June 2018 – Integration Objects announced the release of its OPC UA Client Toolkit. Integration Objects is an Industry 4.0 solution provider for Command & Control Centers, Operational Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things IIoT, cybersecurity, predictive and prescriptive analytics for businesses, process, energy and utility industries, defense and government institutions.

Integration Objects – OPC UA .NET Client Toolkit is a collection of libraries, classes, and interfaces that enable the programming of OPC UA client applications with the .NET Framework, including functions for reading and writing OPC elements, Browse the OPC UA server address space, etc. provided. It is a powerful and highly optimized API that handles all the OPC UA details required to communicate with OPC UA servers.

The OPC UA Client Toolkit includes the following features:

  • Discovery of OPC UA servers on the network

    • OPC UA Discovery allows the OPC UA client to identify available OPC UA servers and determine how to connect to them.
  • Manage local and remote connections to multiple OPC UA servers

    • The OPC UA Client Toolkit manages multiple OPC UA server connections. It also provides a secure connection to local and remote servers.
  • Provides multiple OPC UA features

    • The OPC UA Client Toolkit allows you to create a secure session with OPC UA servers, browse and manage the OPC UA server address space, monitor real-time data and alarms and conditions, and search historical data.
  • Royalty free runtime distribution

    • OPC UA Client Toolkit is licensed per development machine. Users can distribute the runtime version of OPC UA client applications for free, allowing users to use software without purchasing their own license.
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