Interactive Lighting – a premiere for the South African Stadium

Maritz Electrical Electrical Engineer and Supplier of Light Emitting Diodes (Maritz Electrical) has completed the installation of an interactive lighting system at St. George's Park Cricket Stadium in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

"These lights can be turned on instantly and the long, energy-consuming conventional lighting that is often used in stadiums made redundant.The lights can also be set so that they flash in time with music and indicate actions, for example when Runs in a T20 cricket match are scored, "notes Maritz Electrical Owner Kurt Maritz .

Completed In December, this installation responds to the worldwide trend of using technologically advanced lighting in sports stadiums with on-demand and interactive lighting to make the audience a memorable experience and involve them in the storyline, he adds.

The lighting system included the installation of six lighting pylons and 304 of the US-based sports lighting solution manufacturer Musco Lighting with a total of 1400 W luminaires.

Maritz Electrical was a major driver for the launch of the Musco lighting system in Western Cape.

Further, Maritz points out that St. George's Park at that time could boast of being the only international C to be a Ricket Council-compliant, LED-lit cricket stadium worldwide with theatrical lighting effects.

"This is also the country's only LED-lit stadium that offers theatrics, including flashing, hunting, dimming, and even the ability to flash four or six give the audience a theatrical experience while the lights turn on during the game. and flash out. "

Since this installation, he says, other stadiums have shown interest in Maritz's lighting solution solutions, thanks to the official opening of The Improved Stadium, which was televised on November 10 on the satellite television channel SuperSport when the Warriors played the Knights.

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"At the opening we had a light show that showed the effects of the Digital Multiplex system the Musco lighting system delivered is able to respond."

Challenging Setup
Maritz notes that the Teams with tight schedules to complete the installation from June to December had to work daily hours and weekends. The company also increased the number of employees during the project to meet the deadline.

"Since St. George's Park is a historic facility in Port Elizabeth, we had to install two of the light poles on the towers at the end of the Duck Pond. This required numerous assessments and calculations from the internal engineers to ensure that the weight of the installation is compensated by the existing towers. "

In addition, Port Elizabeth is known as a" windy city, "which led to challenges with rigging. Maritz Electrical had numerous "fail-days" during which no lifts could be made because of the heavy gusts, which increased the pressure to meet the deadline.

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