Itris Automation Announces ICS Monitoring Real-Time Diagnostic Solution

 Itris Automation Announces ICS Monitoring Real-Time Diagnostic Solution 

  Itris Automation Announces ICS Monitoring Real-Time Diagnostic Solution

9. October 2018 - After its first launch in September 2017, French software developer Itris Automation announced the launch of its real-time diagnostic solution. ICS monitoring, international. This solution helps troubleshoot PLC-based control systems by making the system easier to understand and helping to find the source of a problem faster.

With the needs of its customers in mind, Itris Automation has used its expertise in computing and automation to create a solution that allows users to identify the causes of a machine failure. For this, ICS Monitoring simplifies the representation of the data flow and the logic of the program and displays the real-time values ​​of the variables. This live data view and dynamic navigation makes it easy to debug a PLC program without using the development environment or to be a PLC code expert. The solution allows ICS Monitoring operators and experts to find the source of a problem and reduce downtime.

ICS monitoring can be integrated into the production environment. On the one hand, the solution can be connected directly to the process data via Modbus TCP or OPC, communication protocols that enable real-time data exchange. On the other hand, it can work with version management tools to keep the program information up-to-date, and with monitoring systems from which the solution can be started directly.

ICS Monitoring is now available for programs based on PLCs from Schneider Electric, Siemens, Rockwell Automation and Codesys, among others.

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