JAI announces six models of the Apex 3-CMOS prism color camera

 JAI announces six models of the Apex 3-CMOS prism color camera


  JAI announces six models of the Apex series 3-CMOS prism color camera

7. November 2018 - JAI announced a series of camera models and software integrations that provide color imaging capabilities to builders and users of microscopy-based imaging systems. The announcement covers six models of JAI's Apex 3-CMOS prism color cameras and full integration with two of the microscopy software solutions - Image-Pro from Media Cybernetics and the μManager open source software package.

Three of the JAI camera models are variations of the AP-3200T-USB, a 3.2 megapixel 3-CMOS prism color camera at 38.3 frames per second. The other three models are variants of the AP-1600T-USB, a 3-CMOS camera with 1.6 megapixels. All models feature USB3 Vision interfaces, whose combination of bandwidth and plug-and-play compatibility makes them a choice for microscopy systems.

The camera variations include both standard JAI green casings and special white casings for systems intended for hospitals or clinical / lab environments where white casings are often preferred.

The variants include some models without standard IR cut filter. System builders can use these models to support life science applications where increased red sensitivity is required to highlight certain dyes or stains, or to differentiate blood or blood vessels from surrounding tissue. These models are also suitable for certain food and industrial applications where both visual and NIR analyzes are performed simultaneously. These features are supported by a built-in color enhancement feature, standard on the Apex series cameras.

In conjunction with the rollout of the new models, JAI and Media Cybernetics of Rockville, MD, have joined forces to integrate the Apex series of cameras with the image software platform Image-Pro. Image-Pro is a microscopy software package that enables users and system designers to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share microscopy-based images. Custom drivers allow the Apex series cameras to pass images to the Image Pro software, while certain camera functions can be controlled within the Image Pro environment.

For Those Who Prefer a Non-Commercial Open Source Software Solution The Apex series cameras have also been integrated into the μManager (Micro-Manager) software, originally developed by Vale Lab at the University of California, San Francisco and is now being developed and maintained by Open Imaging, Inc. Device adapters were developed here as well JAI cameras enable complete interaction with the μManager software.

With their standard C-mount lens mountings, the Apex series cameras can be adapted to most brands of digital microscopes. 3-CMOS prism technology provides significantly more color differentiation than conventional Bayer color cameras for brightfield or color fluorescence applications where subtle color differences are critical. In addition, the AP-3200T-USB (38.3 fps) and the AP-1600T-USB (79 fps) offer higher frame rates than the previous generations of 3-sensor prism cameras for live-cell imaging, time-lapse microscopy, advanced Depth of field or other color microscopy applications where real-time speeds or higher speeds are required.

Other applications include wafer inspection and metal inspection systems that use color to classify defects; Materials science, including food, composites, cosmetics and many other materials; and manufacturing systems that perform particle analysis, spray / spot analysis or inspection of fibers or other small details.

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