Kistler introduces the Dynamometer MicroDyn 9109AA

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  Kistler introduces the Dynamometer MicroDyn 9109AA

29. May 2018 -Kistler introduces MicroDyn, a mass-produced cutting force meter. This is to provide manufacturing companies and research institutions with a solution for the precise measurement of cutting forces in the development of micro tools.

With the Dynamyn 9109AA dynamometer, Kistler is working to create new opportunities for its Ultra customers – ultra-fine machining, micro-precision machining and ultra-precision machining – especially in the development of tools for machining brittle-hard materials and optimizing machining processes.

With a size of 30×30 mm, the MicroDyn has a natural frequency of 15 kHZ and dynamic forces up to 500 N can be measured in all three axes and the resulting torques of up to 50 Nm can be calculated. This allows the detection of forces at tool speeds of up to 120,000 rpm on individual cutting edges of the tool. The piezoelectric crystal rings ensure the sensitivity. They are also installed so that temperature influences are largely compensated.

The MicroDyn 9109AA is equipped with a variety of mounting options. It can be mounted both vertically and horizontally on the machine tool machine tool and the workpiece can be clamped accordingly. The combination of MicroDyn with multichannel charge amplifiers, especially the 5080A solution; is recommended. For a configuration in which the rules for force and torque calculation are already stored, Kistler offers corresponding packages, including the Dynoware software. In principle, the MicroDyn can also be used with other analysis systems. MicroDyn is now available.

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