Korenix introduces the JetWave 2310 Industrial Cellular Router / Gateway

  Korenix introduces the Industrial Cellular Router / Gateway JetWave 2310

14. May 2018 – Korenix has introduced another JetWave Industrial Cellular Router / Gateway with dual-SIM redundant and dual-gigabit Ethernet port routing / bridging within the network infrastructure. Time Data Transmission

The Korenix JetWave 2310 Cellular Router / Gateway is used in field level cabinets to connect various meters such as IO sensors, thermometers, and humidity controllers through the 100 / 1000Base-TX ports. The collected data is then transmitted by mobile phone back to the control center. The dual-SIM standby function for LTE redundancy ensures data transmission and the Secure VPN Connectivity function enables secure communication between the control center and the remote stations via the public Internet.

The advanced redundancy and security features of the JetWave 2310 ensure data transmission across the networks. It enables automatic device discovery and allows the user to monitor in networks.

The JetWave 2310 has a heavy industry-grade design and operating temperature range of -25 ~ 70 ° C.

Combining redundancy technologies with the JetWave 2310 design provides a solution for DCS network building in power plants.

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