Kyntronics Introduces SMART Hydraulic Actuator

  Kyntronics Introduces SMART Hydraulic Actuator

1. August 2018 – Kyntronics has developed its SMART (SHA) Hydraulic Actuator, which combines hydraulics and electromechanical servo technology in a scalable, modular design

Kyntronics' SHA is a variable speed, power, cylinder actuation, position, force, and power steering system and controls speed in applications requiring power capacity from 2,225 N (2,225 N) to over 445 kN (440 kN). The system generates strokes up to 120 inches (3,048 mm).

Kyntronics SHA is fully developed as a standard modular product. The system can be aligned in any position. This solution is driven by a servomotor that drives a hydraulic pump that generates pressure to act on a cylinder to provide a mechanical actuation force. The configuration also includes a servo drive controller, actuator, manifold, and integrated transducers that provide significant closed loop precision force and position control. The fieldbus functions include Ethernet, CAN and Serial.

A special feature of the system is the way in which the differential volume between the cylinder cap and the piston rod ends is taken into account. To compensate for this difference, the hydraulic cylinder comprises an outer low pressure cylinder with a second inner high pressure cylinder forming a chamber between the two.

Kyntronics SHA is intended for use in applications and markets, including: automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, metal bending / forming, defense, material handling, test benches, steel mills, lift tables, and many others.

 Kyntronics Introduces SMART Hydraulic Actuator

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