Lanner Announces HTCA 6400 Carrier Grade Hardware Platform

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  Lanner Announces HTCA 6400 Carrier Grade Hardware Platform

27. June 2018 – Lanner has deployed a NEBS-compliant, NFVi-enabled, HTCA-6400 carrier-grade hardware platform in its growing HybridTCA network equipment family for telecommunications applications. The Lanner HybridTCA design concept provides carrier-grade chassis with built-in multi-node computing, networking and storage capabilities.

The HTCA-6200 supported HTCA-6400 has four CPU blades and four network I / O blades. Each of the CPU blades is supported by two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 / v4 CPUs and sixteen DDR4 R-DIMM sockets.

To control and allocate the load distribution, the system is equipped with a Broadcom StrataXGS Trident-II BCM56854 Switch Fabric at 720 Gbps. To achieve 100 GbE throughput, the HTCA-6400 offers Trident-II + BCM 56860 option with 1280 Gbps fabric capacity. The front-panel dual-network I / O blades are compatible with switch blades or Ethernet NI blades and provide hybrid features. The standard Switch Ethernet blade supports four GbE LAN ports and sixteen 10 GbE ports, while the optional Trident II + Switch Ethernet blade supports two 100 GbE and twenty 10 GbE ports.

The Ethernet NI blade provides thirty-two 10 GbE network ports. The system has a redundancy design for its switch blades and CPU blades that provides backup operation if one of the blades experiences downtime. As a carrier-grade device, HTCA-6400 is on NEBS and supports redundant, replaceable fans and power supplies.

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