Larson Electronics Announces EPS-PB10-DPDT Explosion-Proof Single Pushbutton

  Larson Electronics Announces Explosion-Proof Single Button Switch EPS-PB10-DPDT

19. July 2018 – Larson Electronics has released a dual pressure switch for Class I, Division 1 and 2 and Class II, Division 1 and 2 hazardous locations such as chemical plants and oil refineries. With this 10 amp device, operators can control basic functions in machines that do not have electrical circuits for control.
Larson Electronics' EPS-PB10-DPDT is a 10-amp, single-break, explosion-proof switch that operates at 600 VAC with a choice of ½ "or ¾" hubs for connection. This single pushbutton has a switch configuration of 2 NO and 2 NC. This device is bipolar, double passage.

This explosion-proof single push-button switch is enclosed in a separate sealing chamber, which has smooth double flanges fitted with the chamber cover and fastening by stainless steel hex screws sealing the joints. The rocker switch pushbutton has locking holes and an internal earthing screw. The exterior of this push-button switch is made of copper-free aluminum with aluminum acrylic paint.

 Larson Electronics Announces EPS-PB10-DPDT Explosion-Proof Single Pushbutton

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