Leuze introduces the RSL 400 safety laser scanner

 Leuze introduces the RSL 400 safety laser scanner


  Leuze launches RSL 400 security laser scanner

21. November 2018 - Leuze introduced the RSL 400 safety laser scanner, the result of experience in the development of safety technology with detailed measured value output for the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) navigation. This device is a secure scanner that combines safety technology and measurement output in a single device. This allows the backup and navigation of FTS. The measured value output is optimized for navigation software that uses the principle of natural navigation with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

Thanks to its angular resolution of 0.1 degrees, the RSL 400 provides detailed coverage of the environment over the entire measuring range of up to 50 m. This is achieved by a narrow laser spot that retains its vertical shape over the entire scanning angle. The distance values ​​are not affected by the reflectance of the object. The additional output of the received signal strength value for each beam allows the autonomous detection of reflectors by the navigation software. When rays strike a reflector, the values ​​differ significantly from all other environments. With up to 100 switchable field pairs, the RSL 400 offers optimum adaptation of the protective fields - even under varying movement and load conditions. Parallel monitoring of multiple protection fields can reduce the speed of AGVs. These new functions are also available as a device model with PROFINET / PROFIsafe interface.

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