Maxim Integrated introduces the MAX22505 ± 40V USB error protection

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  Maxim Integrated introduces USB Error Protection MAX22505 ± 40V

4. June 2018 – Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) 's MAX22505 ± 40V USB Failure Protection allows developers to eliminate damage to USB ports in the event of any failure including ground potential differences up to ± 40V. It protects data and power lines from industrial devices powered by 24VAC and 40VDC.

The MAX22505 is a solution that combines USB fault protection (480Mbps) for industrial voltages and flexibly supports both host and device applications including USB On-The-Go (OTG). It protects devices against overvoltage or negative voltage on power and data lines as well as ground potential differences between devices. It is housed in a 24-pin 4mm x 4mm TQFN package and operates in the -40 ° C to + 105 ° C temperature range. Applications include building automation, industrial PCs, PLCs and diagnostic USB ports.

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