MB Dynamics Introduces Non-Hydraulic Control Module Test Simulator

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  MB Dynamics Introduces Non-Hydraulic Control Module Test Simulator

21. June 2018 -MB Dynamics is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of vibration testing systems and devices, including squeak and rattle testing systems, steering test systems, suspension component testing systems, modal exciters and amplifiers, automated calibration systems, dynamic controllers, transducer calibration systems and engineering services, announced its non-hydraulic steering module test Simulator (SMTS)

The SMTS is used by automotive, automotive, construction and off-highway vehicle OEMs and their associated control suppliers for laboratory simulations of driver, road and vehicle inputs and their associated Effects on steering system performance and disturbing noises. The test stands can effectively detect the causes of air and body noise, such as rack rattle, rattling noises, reverse knocking, zippers, and running noise, in columns, gears, I-shafts, EPS columns, and EPS racks. The system can also be used to meet both objective and subjective NVH performance metrics; characterize steering system sensitivity and performance; experimentally verify EPS functions; and to achieve other performance goals of the steering system over the entire guaranteed life of a vehicle.

A typical non-hydraulic SMTS turnkey system from MB Dynamics can include a highly electric and acoustically silent load simulator capable of simulating 25 kN drawbar forces and strokes from 20 mm pk-pk to 250 mm pk -pk. Also available are acoustically and electrically silent driving simulators for entering and controlling steering wheel position, velocity and / or torque values ​​on columns and I-shafts from 10 Nm to 150 Nm. Several SMTS onboard hardware and software features help reduce the cogging, torque, and force variations associated with EPS motor pole rotation. The integration of low-noise system components makes it easier to troubleshoot, identify, diagnose and resolve the causes of unwanted noise and other performance issues that occur with EPS, EPHS, EPAS, MDPS and HPS steering systems. A range of PC-based dynamic controllers also includes the included sensors and signal conditioning to acquire angle, displacement, force, acceleration, and torque parameters required for multi-axis control. Other options include equipment, column stands, a mobile measuring system for road load data acquisition (RLDA); and an NVH test analysis system for recording and objectively evaluating noise and vibration parameters. ¬ As a non-hydraulic system, the SMTS does not require any oil for operation.

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