Mek introduces PowerSpector BTL AOI systems

  Mek introduces PowerSpector BTL AOI systems

11. July 2018 – The Mek PowerSpector BTL AOI systems provide synchronized inspection of the top and bottom of printed circuit boards after reflow, wave, or selective soldering and placement of SMT and THT components. 19659003] Synchronized lighting technology delivers capabilities. 9 cameras per side, with both heads inspecting the PCB at the same time, provide inspection times, but without the high-performance lighting system of each head affecting the other inspection. The elimination of turning eliminates the potential for stressing the assembly and improves the solder joints.

The GTAz-based lower inspection head is 30mm from the PCB surface. An additional Z-axis allows the printhead to be adjusted by 30mm to allow flexible inspection in the solder frames and proper adjustment of the side cameras to improve error detection. The 18.75u resolution of the main optics and the 13u resolution of the side cameras also offer the possibility of a 01005 "(0402mm) SMD inspection including height verification of objects such as pins and packages as well as a 3D chip height measurement.

The GDAz based inspection head on the top combines a massive 60mm head clearance with a full solder joint inspection via the 3D meniscus profiler An additional 30mm Z axis with autofocus option allows the user to focus on the top of larger components 20u resolution can be used to check side markings on components and to verify accurate insertion by means of height verification.

Operator errors in found defects are minimized by the true 3D image defect display from 9-angle simultaneous microscopic views magnification up to 50x (bottom to top) or 30x (from top to bottom). This minimizes operator effort and reduces the time required to reclassify stationary microscope defects

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All images can be saved to the Mech Catch SQL database at any time after the actual inspection for review or classification. For complete tracking and tracking with your own MES system, the Catch system interfaces through its open SQL database or XML output.

The BTL is available in two different models; The PowerSpector 550BTL is suitable for assemblies up to 5kg with a maximum dimension of up to 550x550mm (21.6 ") and the PowerSpector 350BTL for medium sized PCBs up to 350x250mm. (13.8" x9.8 ")

 Mek introduces PowerSpector BTL AOI systems

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