Micro-Epsilon introduces the colorSENSOR model CFO200

  Micro-Epsilon introduces the colorSENSOR model CFO200

17. May 2018 The color sensor range of Micro-Epsilon has been extended by the model colorSENSOR CFO200, which operates with a measuring frequency of 20 kHz dynamic measurement tasks. In addition, generates 220 lumens of light output. In addition, 8 digital outputs are available. Due to the repeatability of ΔE ≥ 0.3, the finest color gradations can be detected. Even dark colors such as black, gray and dark blue can be distinguished, eg. when measuring the gray tones of concrete blocks and paving stones. In the automotive industry, the color sensor detects the color change during electroplating to stop the machine when the set point is reached. The CFO200 is also used to differentiate materials and coatings, as the sensor also detects minor color variations, eg. from stainless steel and zinc to brass and gold

The True Color sensors CFO100 and CFO200 recognize every color, whether for coating technology, automation systems, medical packaging, quality control, surface labeling and printing tasks. Access to the sensors is now possible via the Micro Epsilon web interface.

Learning the colors can be done via the web interface. The recording of color values ​​and the control of the production systems is possible through the Ethernet interface, which allows integration into modern industrial environments. Lighting and measurement are provided via an optical fiber, which has several advantages. The sensor is designed for restricted areas as the sensor head requires little space. In addition, a large number of sensor heads meet the requirements of various measurement tasks and customer-specific adaptations.

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