Microchip Technology Introduces CEC1702 Microcontrollers with DICE Security Standard Support

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  Microchip Technology Introduces CEC1702 Microcontroller with DICE Security Standard Support

6. June 2018 – Microchip Technology announces that its CEC1702 hardware cryptography-enabled microcontroller (MCU) now supports the DICE (Device Identity Composition Engine) security standard, providing a simple way to add basic security to embedded products. A CEC1702 IoT Development Kit for Microsoft Azure IoT is also available, providing developers with everything needed to integrate the DICE security standard into their products.

DICE was developed by industry experts of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and can be implemented in the hardware of security products during manufacturing. The architecture breaks up the boot process and creates unique secrets along with a level of integrity for each layer, automatically re-tapping and protecting the secrets when malware is present. One of the key benefits of using the CEC1702 secure boot capabilities with the DICE standard is that device manufacturers can build a chain of trust for multiple loads of firmware.

The CEC1702 IoT development kit with the DICE architecture is included with a programmable 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 controller and sample code for developing a secure, cloud-based solution

Microchip is helping with the CEC1702 IoT development kit in the authentication and encryption of connected devices. Features of the kit include:

  • CEC1x02 development board with a plug-in module (PIM) containing the CEC1702 with built-in cryptographic accelerators
  • Two headers compatible with MikroElectronics' library of click boards
  • MikroElektronika Wi -Fi 7 click board, equipped with microchips ATWINC1510-MR210PB IEEE 802.11 b / g / n / module, optimized for IoT applications
  • MikroElektronika THERMO 5 Click Board, the temperatures over four channels with ranges from 0 to 127 degrees Celsius and extended range from -64 to 191 degrees Celsius
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