Microchip Technology Introduces PL360B PLC Modem

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  Microchip Technology Launches PLC Modem PL360B

12. June 2018 – Microchip Technology has introduced a PLC modem that can support multiple standard protocols and proprietary protocols in the frequency band up to 500 kHz, allowing manufacturers to comply with different end user regulations. Markets and operational requirements. The single device can be customized with firmware

Designed for PLC protocols such as ITU G.9903 (G3-PLC) and ITU G.9904 (PRIME) as well as for CENELEC, FCC and ARIB compliant applications, which is PL360B the latest device in the portfolio of smart energy products from Microchip. The PL360B modem comes with reference designs to add a PLC interface to any end-user application that requires a connection, including smart meters, lighting, home automation, building automation, and remote control.
Other benefits of using a PL360B modem include the power utilization, which provides up to 25 percent improvement in power consumption over previous generations, and a Class-D gain scheme that further optimizes the transmission efficiency of the modem.

The ATPL360 evaluation kit includes two evaluation boards to provide point-to-point communication. The kit includes PC tools to evaluate the performance of the PL360B, including a PHY tester for point-to-point testing, SPS sniffers to capture the SPS traffic in a deployed network, and a PLC manager to manage the resulting network , The communication firmware G3-PLC and PRIME-PLC is provided free of charge. A variety of reference designs are also available for a complete power meter with PLC, for a single PLC modem, and for a master PLC device responsible for mastering the entire network of PLC nodes. All reference designs include design files, parts lists, and schematics.

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