Microchip Technology releases the digital signal controller dsPIC33CH

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  Microchip Technology releases digital signal controller dsPIC33CH

26. June 2018 – Microchip Technology has released a Digital Signal Controller (DSC) with two DSPIC DSC cores in a single chip. The dsPIC33CH has one core acting as the master while the other is slave. The slave core is useful for executing dedicated, time critical control code while the main core is busy executing the user interface, system monitoring and communication functions adapted for the end use application. The dsPIC33CH is specifically designed to enable independent code development for each core through separate design teams and to enable integration when brought together in a single chip.

The dsPIC33CH family is optimized for digital power, motor control, and other applications requiring sophisticated algorithms. These include applications such as wireless power, server power supplies, drones, and automotive sensors. For example, in a digital power supply, the slave core manages the mathematical-intensive algorithms while the master core manages the PMBus protocol stack independently and provides system monitoring functions. Distributing the total workload across two DSC cores in one device enables power density through higher switching frequencies. The dsPIC33CH family is designed for live system updates, for power supplies that require firmware updates without downtime.

The dsPIC33CH family allows integration into a small 5 x 5mm package and includes features such as CAN-FD communication. To reduce board size, advanced peripherals are available for each core, including ADCs, waveform generation DACs, analog comparators, programmable gain analog amplifiers, and pulse width modulation (PWM) hardware. With two cores with dedicated peripherals, the cores can be programmed to monitor each other for functional safety reasons.

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