MINMAX announces MD family of DC-DC converter modules


 MINMAX announces MD family of DC-DC converter modules

18. May 2018 – MINMAX Technology Announces the MD Family of DC-DC Converter Modules for a Wide Range of Application Requirements in Industrial, Power, and Communication Industries

MINMAX Technology’s DC / DC converter family consists of 8W MDW08 series isolated / regulated DC-DC converters, MDW08 series of 8W isolated regulated DC-DC converters, MDWI06 series of 6W high-power isolated / regulated DC / DC converters and MDWI10 series of 10-watt DC-DC converters [19659003TheMINMAXMDMADC-DCconverterseriesincludesseveralmodelsencapsulatedina024x054x03116-pinDIPmetalpackageTheisolated/regulatedDC-DCconvertermodulesprovide4:1(9-18VDC18-36VDC36-75VDC)and2:1(9-36and18-75VDC)inputrangeswithsingleoutputmodelsof33VDCto24VDCanddual-outputmodelsfrom±12Vto±15Vwhichdeliver6to10wattsofoutputpower

The MINMAX MDfamily DC-DC converters offer a power density of up to 63.5 W / inch 3 (MDWI10 series), 1500 VDC I / O isolation, and an ambient temperature range of -40 ° C to + 88 ° C (see the respective derating curve). The industrial DC-DC converter modules have been qualified in accordance with the CB scheme with UL / cUL / IEC / EN60950-1, UL / cUL / IEC / EN 62368-1 and EMI EN55032 Class A EMI filtered filters, with no need for additional components ,

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