MINMAX releases the DC-DC converter modules MTQZ50 and MTQZ75

  MINMAX publishes DC / DC converter modules MTQZ50 and MTQZ75

24. July 2018 – Taiwan-based MINMAX Technology, a Taiwan-based quarter-brick DC-DC converter module – MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 – Designed for rail applications

DC / DC converter modules MINMAX's MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 comply with the railway emission standard EN 50121-3-2 and EN50155 and IEC 60571 safety standards. In addition, the DCMA converter modules comply with MINMAX standards. The DC / DC converters also comply with vibration and shock standards EN 61373, the environmental standards IEC / EN 60068-2-1,2,30 and the fire protection standards EN45545-2.

The MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 series DC / DC converter, consisting of 8 models, integrates 3000VAC I / O isolation and provides input voltage ranges of 72 (43-101VDC) and 110 (66-160VDC) with 5V outputs, 12V, 15V, and 24V

The DC-DC converters, which provide up to 92% efficiency, include features such as remote on / off control, remote sensing, output voltage adjustment, overload / voltage / temperature protection circuits and convection-cooled ambient temperatures.

The industry standard MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 DC / DC converter modules meet the specification requirements of the International Railway Certification "EN50155 (IEC 60571): Railway Application Electronic Equipment for Vehicles." The certification includes moisture, cold, dry heat and humidity heat tests, mechanical requirements testing, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, insulation testing, robust environmental testing and I / O voltage isolation testing

As required by EN50155 Railway Certification, MINMAX train certified DC / DC converter MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 power directly from the train's battery, which is in the same range as the storage battery voltage, without the need for an additional voltage stabilization device.

Fu In addition, the DC-DC converters cover the input ranges, voltage spikes, transients, and voltage drops specified by the EN50155 Electronic Railway System standard. They include the ability to withstand input voltage drops of 0.6 VN for 100 ms and overvoltages of 1.4VN for 1s, with insulation to ensure safety.

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 MINMAX releases the DC-DC converter modules MTQZ50 and MTQZ75

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