Misaligned pulleys affect belt efficiency and life

Misaligned pulleys are one of the biggest contributors to premature belt failures that negatively impact drive efficiency and significantly shorten belt life, explains Engineering Construction Materials Distributor BMG GM Carlo Beukes ] BMG offers the Fenner Drive Alignment Laser designed to accurately align the pulley and sprocket to reduce belt and pulley wear and ensure drive efficiency and extend the life of power transmission components] "If you have the pulley Aligning the sprocket with the laser reduces wear on pulleys, belts, bearings and seals, as well as vibration, resulting in higher efficiency, which in turn results in significant energy savings, "he notes.

Efficiency of up to 96% can be achieved if all installation parameters are met.

The Fenner Drive Alignment laser instrument, which is said by Beukes to be fast and easy to use for accurate results, is suitable for most types of drives such as V-belts, timing belts, flat belt and chain drives, and vertically and horizontally mounted machines.

"The Laser Line, this compact and lightweight tool allows quick adjustment to perfect alignment, and traditional alignment techniques, such as a regular straight edge – which is the norm – often require difficult, lengthy component positioning, which can extend downtime and efficiency. "

Beukes further explains that the Fenner alignment system has parallel and angular misalignment, thereby improving drive efficiency and increasing energy savings.

With minimal friction and vibration, the life of chains, sprockets, shafts and bearings is significantly increased, reducing the cost of maintenance, repair and downtime.

For maximum accuracy, Beukes says that the assembly unit is magnetized to securely attach to pulleys or pulleys. "It is also possible to attach this instrument to non-magnetic discs with double-sided adhesive tape," he adds.

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BMG's Fenner range also includes synchronized transmission belts, pulleys and accessories, shaft-mounted governors, shaft mounts, chain drives and clutches.

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