Mitsubishi Electric Announces Strategic Partnership with ITEI Research Institute

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  Mitsubishi Electric Announces Strategic Partnership with ITEI Research Institute

6. July 2018 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that two of its group companies in China, Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Ltd. will announce on July 9 a strategic partnership with the Institute for Instrumentation Technology and Economics, PR CHINA (ITEI), a research institute under the direct control of the Chinese Government, to establish a standardized intelligent manufacturing facility in a cooperative relationship in support of the United States. American program "Made in China 2025" [20159003] In 2015, the Chinese government announced its "Made in China 2025" roadmap to turn China into a global manufacturing company. On this basis, the government launched the special project Intelligent Manufacturing of the Year 2015 project. The Mitsubishi Electric Group responded in 2017 by building the Smart Manufacturing Comprehensive Test Platform, which is based on the [email protected] concept of the company. The Smart Manufacturing Comprehensive Test Platform was developed to support standardized intelligent manufacturing as part of the ITEI-sponsored special project. Government officials and Chinese customers have visited and studied the platform.

The strategic partnership will focus on promoting standardized intelligent manufacturing in a joint effort to support Made in China 2025. Mitsubishi Electric is continuously refining the Smart Manufacturing Comprehensive Test Platform with the company's latest FA components and technologies and verifying the application of technologies such as edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) for smart manufacturing. Through these efforts, the company expects to contribute to standardized intelligent manufacturing for widespread use in China.

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