Mitsubishi Electric announces the visualization software iQ Monozukuri Andon

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  Mitsubishi Electric announces visualization software iQ Monozukuri Andon

2. July 2018 – With the introduction of iQ Monozukuri Andon, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has introduced a tool for small and medium sized factories to take advantage of an Andon system. The Andon package enables the visualization of manufacturing facilities with the GOT2000 graphics terminal from Mitsubishi Electric and a web browser. iQ Monozukuri Andon Provides Pre-Configured Project Data and Software for the Implementation and Operation of an Andon System

Implementing the iQ Monozukuri Andon system allows all stakeholders within the factory to visualize the production status. Production managers can monitor the production status remotely and adjust the production plan accordingly. You can also set up changeover announcements.

When a factory floor problem occurs, factory workers can inform supervisors and maintenance personnel without leaving the production line. Using a connected mobile device, supervisors and maintenance personnel can remotely visualize the problem and quickly determine how to respond.

iQ Monozukuri Andon has been designed for use in the electrical and electronics industry due to its short production cycles and frequent conversions.

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