Mitsubishi Electric Robot helps the UK University to explore 3D printing and art

  Mitsubishi Electric robot helps the English University in 3D printing and art

27. July 2018 – A project of the Center for Fine Print Research (CFPR) at the University of West England (UWE) Bristol UK is looking at 3D printing from a completely different perspective – where emphasis is placed on meaningful expression, rather than the exact reproduction of digital data. At the heart of the project is an articulated arm industrial robot from the MELFA RV series from Mitsubishi Electric.

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is increasingly being used in the manufacturing industry for prototyping, small-scale production and the manufacture of complex shapes can not be easily reproduced by other means. The challenge lies above all in the complex geometry. When an object is to be made, the shape must be broken down into a series of tool pathways that accumulate material through the stable and reliable construction of layers.

For this reason, 3D printing is generally a very precisely controlled process, both in terms of the type of movement (steady acceleration and speed) and the deposition of materials. In industrial applications, material is deposited or melted in small quantities. The machines are operated numerically in the same way as for CNC machining.

Conversely, the Center for Fine Print Research (CFPR) considers 3D printing from the perspective of the arts, where the emphasis is on meaningful expression. A good analogy to the project would be the potter's wheel, in which the artist works in direct contact with clay and has a deep understanding of the constraints of working synergistically with the material and the wheel.

Here the artist can express something with the material that often pushes the material to its limits, for example by creating curved, elegant forms or by revealing new material qualities such as translucency. CFPR has background know-how in the fields of ceramics, photocuring resins and thermoplastics, all of which are being investigated with the new robot platform. Previous work has evaluated the 3D printer as a tool for manipulating materials or creating unusual surface textures rather than simply using it as a machine that reproduces digital models with a fine resolution.

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Using a printer in an "unusual way" means going beyond the use of CAD models and slicing algorithms because they are too automated. By writing proprietary software, it is possible to develop printing methods to show how the material can be played expressively.

To achieve this shifted perspective, the project uses a Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RV-7FLM robot arm to explore technologies and techniques to dynamically feel and manipulate materials, rather than on rigid, rigid, or "machine-like" surfaces "Way to drop. The robot runs printer paths defined by proprietary software and requires a high degree of real-time automation and responsiveness.

"By pushing 3D printable materials to their limits, we uncovered unexpected properties in the materials," says Dr. Paul O. "Dowd, Research Fellow – Creative Electronics and Engineering." For example, the plastic separation can be manipulated while it is pulled hot or pulled into hair or fine gauss or woven. Ceramics can also be deposited so that the material composition in a single fire (as opposed to a robotic manipulation of materials through complex states – for example, sensing and reacting to viscosity) requires the integration of several advanced technologies The MELFA robot enables real-time control and provides a reliable programming interface to make this possible, it also has great range and motion for a compact robot arm.

"The robotic arm from Mitsubishi Electric is very skilled and allows the robot to out materials "Dowd continues," conventional 3D printers are machines with three linear axes (XYZ) and are manufactured in solid horizontal layers, but the RV series robotic arm has both freedom of movement and comprehensive travel Expansion options, including pneumatics and digital I / O It integrates into the chassis of the arm itself. This results in an attractive combination of power control, range of motion (908mm range) and reliability while maintaining a favorable price.

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Proprietary software is being developed that has to respond very quickly and dynamically to changes in the material properties and construction of the print object, meaning that the control program can not be rigid in its operation, instead it has to constantly and iteratively interpret its work environment and correct his behavior autonomously.

Dr. O Dowd commented on his selection of the Mitsubishi Electric robot as follows: "We researched several robot manufacturers before opting for the Mitsubishi Electric model. We were looking for agility and an open programming environment. What really convinced us, however, was the affordability of the robot package and the support of Mitsubishi Electric. We were invited to UK headquarters to evaluate a robot and received excellent technical support throughout the project. As the robot progresses, we will continue to seek training and advice as we need it. "

The Mitsubishi Electric robot proved to be an ideal tool for making artistic objects using PLA (polylactic acid) degradable type of plant-based thermoplastic used in 3D printers, and the development team used the full extent of the robot movement In order to push the material beyond its normal operating environment and create new effects, the programming interface meant it worked well with software developed by the university team that changed the deposition rate to pull the material into fine filaments used for the development of artistic creations with ceramics and light-curing resins, the manufacturing process of which could then be used for commercial industrial applications.

 Mitsubishi Electric Robot helps the UK University to explore 3D printing and art

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