Molex Introduces HarshIO Industrial Industrial Ethernet I / O Modules

 Molex Introduces HarshIO Industrial Industrial Ethernet I / O Modules 

  Molex Introduces HarshIO Industrial Ethernet I / O Modules

6. December 2018 - Molex Introduces HarshIO Industrial Industrial I / O Modules, which connect programmable controllers to motorized power rollers via an Ethernet fieldbus. This is done without a proprietary system specific to an MDR manufacturer until the application and MDR type used are outstanding. This product is designed for system builders, integrators and end users who develop conveyor lines for factory automation, material handling and baggage handling.

The modules have a metal plate for functional grounding; Versions with 4-pin and 5-pin power connection; Ultra-Lock M12 connectors; an IP67 seal; eight digital channels; four motor drive roller channels; Diagnostic LEDs; three rotary switches; a two-port Ethernet switch; an Ethernet metal plate that allows for both ODVA and PI grounding strategies; and Ethernet fieldbus connectivity.

Molex MDR modules simplify systems by controlling up to four MDRs on a single module. The product also automatically recognizes ITOH DENKI PM500XE / XP and INTERROLL EC310 MDRs and provides active MDR protection through intelligent power dissipation.

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