Moticont Introduces HVCM-051-025-019-01 Hub Coil Linear Motor

 Moticont Introduces HVCM-051-025-019-01 Hub Coil Linear Motor 

  Moticont Introduces Linear Motor HVCM-051-025-019-01 with Moving Coil

15. August 2018 - A low inertia hollow coil or a Moticont moving coil linear motor, the HVCM-051-025-019 -01, positioning to less than one micron (.00004 in.). The HVCM-051-025-019-01 Hollow Coil Linear Motor has 0.75 inch (19.05 mm) open holes. The hollow core allows the passage of optics, lighting, laser beams or cables. With a stroke length of 0.50 inches (12.7 mm), a continuous force of 4.8 lbs (21.3 N) and a peak force of 15.15 lbs (67.4 N) at a duty cycle of 10% this voice coil motor 2,000 inches (50.8 mm) in diameter. X 1.00 inch (25.4 mm) case length, is designed for applications such as: positioning, medical diagnostics and inspection, laser beam steering, dynamic vibration absorption, optical focusing, laser cutting and welding, scanning, assembly and wafer handling. [19659003] Two 10-32 UNF-2B x 0.25 "(6.4mm) deep mounting holes with 1,000" (25.4mm) centers in the housing and coil enable integration into new and existing applications. In closed-loop applications with an optional position sensor, resolutions of less than 1 micron can be achieved for millions of cycles. If a longer stroke, force, foot pressure, or custom assembly is required, contact the Moticont engineering team. All Moticont voice coil motors are available as complete plug-and-play systems, including position sensors, controllers, amplifiers, power supplies and, if required, linear slides.

2018-08-15 21:03:54
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