Motor solutions make for simpler, more compatible installations

Magnetic specialist Magnet Group Brian Howarth says installation of electrical products on control panels and housings is time-consuming and costly, making it easier and more compatible with existing wiring to provide cost-effective and simple engine start-up solutions [19659002] In order to achieve this, in September, Magnet extended the E series of low-voltage motor start-up solutions of Schneider's E series with the EasyPact TVS motor series. The motors are designed for motor control and protection for simple applications such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting in buildings, cooling or exhaust fans and small pumps, as well as mixer applications, production and conveyor belts.

The E-Range includes contactors, thermal overload relays, control relays and motor starters – designed and precision engineered to provide OEM and panel builders with a motor starter solution that delivers both high performance and personal safety

"This product line ensures compatibility and safety Easy installation in new or existing engine control panels, "explains Howarth.

He explains that the direct mounting of the thermal overload under the contactor minimizes cabling and installation time, thereby also improving the reliability of the system and saving disk space, all of which contribute to cost savings

"An Important Performance This System It is designed to be optimized for application optimization, which means that users can only select the components that are needed for each project, and a clear reference system ensures easy product selection for each application, and fewer components are needed simplifies design and reduces stock footprint. "

EasyPact TVS Range

The EasyPact TVS series includes nine sizes of contactors, covering a wide range of currents from 6A to 630A. These are used in conjunction with thermal overload relays (from 0.1 A to 630 A), industrial control relays with four normally open / normally closed (NO / NC) auxiliary contacts and a newly developed motor protection switch from 0.1 A to 32 A.

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"Usage classes are AC (AC) 1 for loads with a power factor of at least 0.95 (resistive load, heating and distribution) and AC-3 for squirrel cage induction motors, where the contactor break occurs when the motor is running," explains Howarth.

Thermal overload relays protect AC circuits and motors from overloading, phase failures, long start times, and longer stalled rotor conditions

"The thermal relay controls the motor driven current, and if that current exceeds the setting, the auxiliary contacts change state, causing the motor stop. "

He further adds that the magnetic elements – for short-circuit protection of the motor – have a non-adjustable trigger threshold, which corresponds approximately to 13 times the maximum setting current of thermal releases.

Thermal elements – for overload protection – automatically compensate for variations in ambient temperature

In addition, Howarth notes that to protect personnel, all live parts are protected against direct finger contact with a rating of 20. He adds that various other conditions – including dust, humidity and high temperatures – can expose people and equipment to serious risks.

To ensure proper protection of electrical components against fire, To prevent damage or loss of performance, Howarth recommends installing this system in a spacious steel enclosure.

"The EasyPact TVS product line ensures coordination between protection and control components so that a safe and fast restart is possible after a short circuit."

The EasyPact TVS engine starter system also meets stringent international quality, safety and environmental requirements, such as the IEC 60947 and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, Howarth concludes.

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