Moxa and Trend Micro Announce Joint Venture to Provide Security Solutions for IIoT Environments

 Moxa and Trend Micro Announce Joint Venture to Provide Security Solutions for IIoT Environments 

  Moxa and Trend Micro Announce Joint Venture to Provide Security Solutions for IIoT Environments

19. November 2018 - Moxa and Trend Micro have announced that they have signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture. TXOne Networks, which focuses on the security requirements of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), including Smart Manufacturing, Smart City, Smart Energy and more.

Trend Micro, majority shareholder at TXOne Networks, has identified the potential challenges IIoT's stakeholders have been confronted with them at an early stage, working on multiple fronts to secure the entire ecosystem, from the datacenter to the device. Moxa Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in industrial network and protocol expertise. TXOne Networks unites these strengths and responds to the growing security needs of the industry. For example, smart factories that need a unified solution to better view devices and protocols. These environments consist of multiple layers that require protection between and between IT and OT. The responsibility for the safety of these combined layers is traditionally unclear.

TXOne Networks will create security gateways, endpoint agents and network segmentation to secure, control and provide operational technology and equipment. TXOne Networks has the know-how closest to OTlayer and will provide proactive solutions to secure the world of industrial control systems (ICS).

In addition to the investment of intellectual capital, funds and earmarked staff, each parent company provides additional channel know-how. Together, they strengthen the business model and geographical territorial targets. TXOne Networks is Terence Liu, Vice President of Trend Micro and former CEO of Broadweb. With experience in building products and teams, Dr. Ing. Liu brings nearly 20 years of security experience to this new team.

TXOne solutions are designed to enable OT customers to optimize the network infrastructure for more IIoT capabilities. They will incorporate more outdated and disparate networks into the industry-standard Ethernet backbone and increase the security of overall network communication. Professional services are also provided, including security risk assessment, security breach response, and access to threat intelligence from Trend Micro Research and its Zero Day Initiative (ZDI).

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