MTL 8206-TI-IS

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MTL 8206-TI-IS
MTL 8206-TI-IS

MTL 8000 Overview

All I/O modules are connected to a high speed Bus Interface Module (BIM) via a proprietary bus system called “Railbus” and one BIM can control up to 32 modules. The module carrier provides the transmission medium for the Railbus and by plugging a module onto a carrier, connections are made between the module and the bus. The connectors on the carrier also provide the power supply links to the module. Additionally, 2/1 modules can use intrinsically safe wiring to send and receive signals into hazardous areas.

MTL 8206-TI-IS Spec.

  • Manufacturer : MTL Instruments
  • 8-channel Analog Input
  • RTD and Ω
  • 8206-TI-IS
  • 8 input channels
  • Intrinsically safe field circuits
  • RTD and Ω
  • 2-, 3- and 4-wire RTD format
  • Channels independently configurable
  • Channels are o/c failure independent
  • RTD excitation current: 211 μA (nom.)
  • Weight: 245 g
  • Compliance voltage of current source: 6.8 V
  • Resolution: 16 bits
  • Module Key Code: C3

Source: MTL inst.

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