MTL4573 Temperature converter IS Isolator 4500 series MTL supplier

MTL4573 Temperature converter IS Isolator 4500 series MTL

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MTL4573 Temperature Converter

MTL4573 Temperature Converter Trade information

Order code: MTL4573
Type: Temperature converter
Description: DC low level temperature sensor signal converter into 4/20 mA
Brand: MTL
Seri: IS Isolator 4500 series
In- and outputs
Temperature input
Number of channels: 1
Mounting method
PCB fastening

Description of MTL 4500 & 5500 series Temperature converter

IS Isolators, MTL Temperature converter 4500 & 5500 series.  Galvanic isolation solutions with low power dissipation and quick install and release mechanism. Most Isolators are multi-channel and have broken line monitoring.

The back-plane mounting  range MTL4500 is designed with system vendors in mind for project focused applications.  A Multi way connector to the back-plane provides safe-area and power supply connections, while hazardous-area connections plug into the front of the module, simplifying installation and maintenance

The DIN rail mounting MTL 5500 Temperature converter range meets the needs of the IS interface market for application focused projects.  The 5500 clips quickly onto a DIN rail, so it is compatible with the industry- standard mounting system. Wiring is simplified by plug in safe- and hazardous area connectors, and a power plug which accepts a power bus.

Line fault detection facilities are provided across the range.  In addition status LEDs and configuration switches are located on the top or side of the individual modules.

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Source: MTL Co.


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