Multifunction Vibration Meter redefines vibration screening

Sandton-based distribution center Comtest provides electronic test equipment manufacturers and distributors with Fluke's latest vibration meter, the Fluke 805, which provides quantifiable information about a bearing and general health of engines and other rotating equipment

The Fluke 805 is a portable multi-functional vibratory screening device ideal for on-site mechanical troubleshooting teams that require reliable and repeatable measurements of rotating equipment to make or make compelling service decisions

"Most vibration pens and other screening devices are currently on the market Market market, provide a common number for vibration condition and some also provide a common number for storage condition, "the company records.

Due to poor design and measurement technology, the company adds that users find most vibration products unreliable and difficult to understand, with experts sometimes calling them "toys."

In addition, Comtest notes that Fluke has conducted customer research and that the results have revealed deficiencies in other pens and vibration damping devices.

"Fluke's designers then responded by producing the 805 vibration meter – certainly not a toy – but a far superior meter on any front," says Comtest.

The hand-held vibration meter provides quantifiable results on storage conditions, overall vibration and temperatures, evaluates severity of conditions using text-based alerts, and exports data using built-in templates.

"It's a far superior, accurate, and easy-to-use tool that improves day-to-day machine controls so users can keep their facilities and equipment up and running."

Fluke 805 Measures

The vibration meter contains a total vibration between 10 Hz and 1 000 Hz, representing a four-stage assessment of the overall vibration and bearing condition.

The Vibration Meter also identifies the bearing condition (Crest Factor Plus, CF +) by detecting peaks in the vibration signal readings of rolling bearings between 4,000 Hz and 20,000 Hz and using a proprietary algorithm to interpret the severity to determine if the bearing is bad running.

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The vibration meter also measures the surface temperature using an infrared sensor that automatically measures the contact temperature and displays it along with the vibration reading for a better understanding of machine health.

"The Fluke 805 Handheld Vibration Meter has a unique design The sensor tip design minimizes measurement errors caused by device angle or contact pressure, reducing operator error and improving the accuracy and repeatability of rapid vibration screening," says Comtest.

The meter also provides a severity scale for overall vibration and bearing condition readings, providing more information than comparable vibration springs.

Logged data can easily be uploaded to an Excel spreadsheet to create trend reports, the company said.

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