Nanotec introduces the PD2-C-IP brushless DC servo motor

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  Nanotec introduces PD2-C-IP brushless DC servo motor

25. May 2018 – Nanotec has developed the PD2-C-IP brushless DC servomotor with integrated controller and 42 mm flange with IP65 protection. 19659003] The PD2-C-IP is available as a brushless DC motor with an operating voltage of 12-48 V and a rated power of 105 W and as a stepper motor with a rated torque of up to 0.5 Nm. Due to the field-oriented control based on an integrated encoder, both motors are controlled equally and differ only in their operating point

Each motor is available in a USB and a CANopen version. In the USB version, the motor can be parameterised and programmed for isolated operation. The USB port is covered with a watertight cap and the motor works on the basis of the digital and analogue input signals in combination with the stored program. In the CANopen version, the motor can be controlled via the field bus profile CiA 402

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