New technologies help reduce downtime and increase efficiency

With inefficiencies and downtime a major challenge for the food and beverage industry, the largest supplier of remanufactured boilers, Dryden Combustion, a division of Energy Partners, is working on new products to optimize field efficiency for customers.

Product that Dryden has developed is a self-optimizing and more user-friendly control panel – under the umbrella term Optiflame. It is planned to integrate this optimization into their current control solution and provide it as standard within the next two months.

The new fuel-efficient Optiflame control system will help local food and beverage companies compete globally.
This technology will be self-regulating and not rely so much on human management as it has an advanced system that enables modular activation and deactivation via a password-protected selection key called Autotune Boiler Control Display

The new Artificial machine systems can help lower inflation, allowing for potential growth in the food and beverage industry, says Dryden Combustion Systems Integration Manager Jaco Liebenberg .
"Customers will enjoy improved fuel efficiency that enables cheaper food production, and these savings can be passed on to consumers."

Liebenberg explains that the company's advanced systems save between 8% and 20% fuel – depending on the plant – compared to traditional electromechanical systems.

Dryden optimization and control systems provide a stable temperature that is generated by controlling the pressure. This allows food and beverage manufacturers to have refurbished cooking pots and containers, thereby avoiding any contamination in their products.
"The optimization and control systems are produced locally and are being continuously improved in their functionality and efficiency," says Liebenberg.

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In addition, the company supports companies such as the South African Breweries Large Brewery and Bottling Plant Foods and the Clover beverage group and Pioneer Foods' local producer and distributor of food and beverage products to improve efficiency and reduce downtime supplied with reconditioned boilers with the latest optimization and control systems

For multiple locations of Pioneer and other foodstuffs All responsibility for steam generation will be outsourced to EP Dryden Combustion so that the customer can focus on his business with experts who are responsible for the process Ensure a stable and reliable steam supply, including maintenance and compliance with operating instructions.

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