NewTek Sensor Solutions Introduces Linear Position Sensors of the HT-1000 Series


 NewTek Sensor Solutions Introduces HT-1000 Series Linear Position Sensors

16. May 2018 – NewTek Sensor Solutions introduces the HT-1000 Series Linear Position Sensors for applications requiring high reliability in industrial environments found in power plants, engine control systems and autoclaves. These AC powered LVDTs are made of special high temperature materials capable of withstanding temperatures up to 538 ° C.

The HT-1000 LVDTs provide a ratiometric output for reduced thermal errors. The HT-1000 AC-LVDTs not only provide ± 0.5% full-range linearity, but also provide mechanical and electrical life, as well as the absence of friction and core-to-coil contact.

Position sensors have a through hole that makes the core accessible from both sides for mechanical support and core guidance and facilitates cleaning in dusty or dirty areas.

NewTek offers the HT-1000 linear position sensors in ranges from ± 0.5 inches (± 12.7 mm) to ± 1.0 inches (± 25.4 mm). In addition to selecting an Imperial or Metric thread core, the company specifies custom models that meet specific requirements.

Please send us your request with full details via the following link to supply your equipment in the fields of power, instrumentation and industrial computers. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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