NewTek Sensor Solutions Introduces M-375 Miniature AC-LVDT Series

  NewTek Sensor Solutions Introduces M-375 Series Miniature AC LVDT

10. July 2018 – NewTek Sensor Solutions introduces a miniaturized series of 3/8 "diameter AC-driven position sensors that enable linear position feedback in the industry. Space- and weight-constrained applications.

Miniature AC-LVDTs NewTek M-375 series are resistant to harsh and high pressure conditions and provide dynamic measurements for machine operations such as robotics, automatic inspection equipment, plastic injection molding, positioning of hydraulic cylinders and valves, borehole drilling, and dimensional surveying measurements.These LVDTs are not limited to aerospace applications, can also be used as components in medical devices.

With a corrosion-resistant housing and nickel-iron alloy core, the sensors operate at extreme temperatures of -65 ° F to + 275 ° F ( -55 ° C to + 135 ° C), with optional extension ranges from -65 ° F to 400 ° F (55 ° C to 204 ° C). A vented design that exposes the inner coil assembly balances the pressure inside and outside the LVDT, allowing for high pressures and temperatures as well as shock and vibration.

The M-375 Series miniature AC-LVDTs are available in ranges of ± 0.025 to 0.025 ± 1 inch and provide linearity of <± 0.25% over the entire range with a repeat accuracy of <0.01 % of the total area. These miniature position sensors are interchangeable with most manufacturer units and can be used as a replacement for magnetostrictive sensors. The sensors use LVDT differential differential signal conditioning electronics provided by NewTek Sensors and as part of sensor control systems that monitor device health and alarms.

 NewTek Sensor Solutions Introduces M-375 Miniature AC-LVDT Series

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