Nordson ASYMTEK Announces Combined Compliant Automated Coating Inspection (ACI)

  Nordson ASYMTEK Announces Combined Compliant Automated Coating Inspection (ACI)

24. July 2018 – Nordson ASYMTEK announced an Automated Coating Inspection Line (ACI) that combines the Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating System with the FX-940UV Series ACI / AOI Automated Compliant Coating Inspection System. Together, the systems ensure a compliant coating process.

The elimination of coating problems begins with a compliant coating system with process control. The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat SL-940 compliant coating system has a number of process monitoring and control functions, as well as traceability features, including: To control blower power, viscosity control, flow control, a bar code system, and an image processing system. Information Can Be Exchanged with Custom Factory Information Systems (FIS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to Ensure Factory Production Workflow

Conformal Coatings used by electronics manufacturers include UV indicators for inspection purposes. Since coatings are transparent, parts must be viewed under ultraviolet or black light to verify coverage and non-coverage. The FX-940UV's UV illumination and image processing technology integrates various techniques, including coverage and color inspection, normalized correlation, and rule-based algorithms to ensure full inspection coverage. Multiple-camera imaging technology provides inspection with fault coverage. The FX-942 offers two-sided (top-down and bottom-up) cameras. The ACI / AOI systems check the coverage of the conformal coating and verify correct part placement in SMT or via applications.

A known good board is used to teach the coverage and non-coverage areas. The automatic inspection usually takes only a few seconds and the results are displayed immediately. These results can be saved and reviewed offline. The FX-940UV also reads all common barcodes and captures board images for traceability of the product.

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The AC-Series FX-940UV can be configured for different line positions and is suitable for coating, pre-curing and post-curing as well as final assembly. Off-line programming maximizes machine utilization and real-time SPC monitoring provides a revenue-generating solution. The FX-940UV can be fully integrated into a FIS / MES system to capture up-to-the-minute process data. Single-page feedback reports provide an overall view of the inspected map and allow users to zoom in on specific areas of interest, such as: For example, exclusion zones and critical components.

 Nordson ASYMTEK Announces Combined Compliant Automated Coating Inspection (ACI)

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