OnRobot Announces Gecko Gripper, Polyskin Tactile Gripper and RG2-FT Gripper

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  OnRobot Announces Gecko Gripper, Polyskin Tactile Gripper and RG2-FT Gripper

20. June 2018 – OnRobot, the company founded by the merger of the three international companies On Robot, OptoForce and Perception Robotics, presents its first new product at automatica 2018. The Gecko gripper, the Polyskin feeler, the RG2-FT Gripper and a technical evolution of the HEX force-torque sensor product line based on the OptoForce technology open up new applications for collaborative robotics.

Designed by Perception Robotics, the Gecko Gripper was inspired by nature and uses the same adhesive system as the feet of a gecko, with millions of fine fibers adhering to the surface of the workpiece and strong van der Waals Generate forces. For Gecko Gripper technology, OnRobot licenses a concept originally developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and brings it to market.

This solution for handling large, flat objects is not necessary for the production of vacuum grippers and their compressed air system. In contrast to vacuum grippers, the Gecko Gripper can also process perforated or porous workpieces such as printed circuit boards. The gripper is compatible with Universal Robots and Kawasaki robot arms.

The Polyskin Tactile Gripper also comes from the blacksmith shop of Perception Robotics. The solution is specialized in sensitive gripping: both fingers can be individually aligned and have integrated tactile sensors on the fingertips. Thus, the gripper can measure the condition of the surface of workpieces and align its gripping operations accordingly. These features elevate tactile gripping to a new level, especially when working with delicate or irregular workpieces. The Polyskin Tactile Gripper is also compatible with Universal Robots and Kawasaki.

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OnRobot launches a variant of its proven RG2 gripper, the RG2-FT with integrated force-moment sensors and a proximity sensor, which also detects the condition of objects. The gripper recognizes the risk of objects slipping before the intervention, making handling even safer – both for the worker and for the workpiece. This gripper model is suitable for use in precision assembly and is compatible with lightweight robots from Universal Robots and KUKA.

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