OPC Foundation Announces Standardization and Harmonization Initiative for OPC UA, Including TSN-Enabled Ethernet Networks

 OPC Foundation Announces Standardization and Harmonization Initiative for OPC UA, Including TSN-Enabled Ethernet Networks


  OPC Foundation Announces Standardization and Harmonization Initiative for OPC UA, Including TSN-Enabled Ethernet Networks

5. November 2018 - The OPC Foundation announced the launch of its new facility to identify OPC UA and associated TSN. Need for harmonization and extension of standards and specifications of the OPC Foundation.

The goal of this initiative is to provide an open, coherent approach to implementing OPC UA including TSN and associated application profiles. This further enhances the OPC Foundation and provides vendor-independent end-to-end interoperability for field-level devices for all relevant industrial automation applications. The OPC Foundation's vision of becoming the global standard for industrial interoperability is driven by the integration of field devices and manufacturing.

A new group of working groups will identify, manage and standardize the industrial automation topics relevant to OPC UA, including

  • ] Harmonization and standardization of application profiles, eg IO, motion control, security, system redundancy
  • Standardization OPC UA information models for field level devices in offline mode, such as Device description and online, eg. Diagnostics
  • Mapping of OPC UA application profiles related to real-time operations on Ethernet networks, including TSN
  • Definition of Certification Procedures

The workgroups will be closely aligned with the TSN Profile for Industrial Automation (TSN-IA Profiles) ) standardized by the IEC / IEEE 60802 standardization group. This ensures that a single, converged TSN network approach is maintained, allowing OPC UA to share a common TSN multi-vendor network infrastructure with other applications.

This initiative is integrated into existing joint working groups that deal with on-going accompanying specifications, such as: Description of the machines.

The OPC Foundation develops and maintains OPC UA as an open and secure communication platform that includes an information model framework, communication models, and underlying protocol bindings. Therefore, the OPC Foundation does not work exclusively with other organizations on various topics related to OPC UA, but continues to function as a platform, technology, use case, and vendor-independent standardization body.

About the OPC Foundation

Since 1996, the OPC Foundation has facilitated the development and adoption of OPC standards for information exchange. As the proponent and administrator of these specifications, the Foundation's mission is to help industrial enterprises, end users, and software developers maintain the interoperability of their manufacturing and automation resources. The foundation has over 600 members worldwide in the areas of industrial automation, IT, IoT, IIoT, M2M, Industry 4.0, building automation, machine tools, pharmacy, petrochemicals and smart energy.

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